The Guerrilla Trek

12 Days

The Guerrilla trek offers the remarkable journey through the heart of conflict territory. This journey reflects the image of Nepals 10 year (1996 to 2006) conflict between Maoist and Government. The journey goes through the unspoiled terrain of Myagdhi, Rukum & Rolpa district where the route goes through countless number of spectacular sceneries through the epicenter of past conflict zone. There used be Maoist autonomous government governing the territory on their own way and communism was practice during that time in Rolpa. We still can see many of them as monument or icon from the conflict.

The province is blessed with natural diversity as well as cultural diversity.  Magar, Chhetri, Brahmin, Dalit people can be seen during the journey. The Kham Magar people can be only seen in this territory which is very unique and typical comparing with other. The region is not only rich for its culture also very rich for flora and fauna. Around two third of Dhorpatan hunting reserve is reserved inside Rukum district. Beautiful waterfall, river, mighty lake as well as magnificent Himalayan view can be observed during the journey.

This journey fulfills the desire of exploring the untouched historical landmarked icon in the otherworldly area. After exploring this territory we can feel like we have been to somewhere where outside world is not present yet and it will let you explore many truth and facts about conflict, people, culture, custom, tradition, way of life, way of following the rituals & religion.

After the completion of The Guerrilla Trek we come to know a lot about post conflict of Nepal, the people, religion and the current ratio of changing towards the modernization.  The region is itself got less number of inhabitant with rich in its beauty and diversity. There are numerous amount of Home stays in the trail of Guerrilla trek where we can stay at local homes as paying guest or we can use our own tent for accommodation and cook food by ourselves. Using the local home stay is the best option to discover local culture, people, cosines and the way of life.

Access to the Guerrilla Trek

The Guerrilla trek can be start from Beni or it can be from Sulichaur if we start at Beni it go anticlockwise and finishes at Sulichaur or if we start at Sulichaur it goes clockwise and the trek finishes at Beni. To start from Beni is convenient that we can discover the territory from A to Z  every detail from beginning to the end.  This region is located in the mid western region of Nepal so it’s not really far.


  • Discovery of Nepal ten year conflicts.
  • Mid western region of Nepal.
  • Scenic drive to Beni and from Sulichaur back.
  • Heartland territory of Post conflict zone.
  • Kham Magar people culture and religion exploration
  • Dhorpatan haunting reserve.
  • Numerous river, waterfall, lake and spectacular view.
  • Temple, shrine, monastery, chorten & Gompas.
  • Unspoiled offbeat track trek.
  • Local home stay for accommodation.

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The Guerrilla Trek


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