Khapad trek

Khaptad region is hidden Shangri-La in the western region of Nepal. This Khaptad region is located inside the Khaptad national park in the area of 225 km2. This national park spread between Doti, Accham, Bazang & Bajura of seti Zone. This region is famous for its uniqueness of varied landscape, flora & fauna.
The name Khaptad was derived from the holy person who has been lived in this region for many years doing the meditation and research. Thus he became famous and the national park got the name after his name. Therefore this region is not only famous among trekker it’s famous among pilgrim, researcher & devotees of Khaptad baba.
Khaptad trekking offer distinct experience to the trekker. The highest elevation in the Khaptad rigion is 3200M and it has several inclined maadows. The national park has various kinds of flora & fauna. Sub tropical , alpine climatic zone can be found here. 11% of all the flowering plants from Nepal can be found here. 225 different kinds of medicinal herb and 270 different species of birds so, it would be paradise for bird watchers as well. Deer, wild boar, Langur monkey are commonly found animals in the Khaptad National park.
The park offers excellent views of Mt Api & Saipal in western Nepal as well as Khaptad Dahaa(lake), Nag Dhunga, upper Tribeni and beautiful landscape & amazing scenery.
Khaptad can be reached either by trekking or can be reached with chartered helicopter but trekking would be the best option for real exploration and beautiful scenery. 50min flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj will take us to the far western Nepal and from Nepalgunj we have to take a bus to Budhikhola. Next day we will again take four-wheel jeep to reach Silgadi from where walking starts. The trail goes through inclined meadow & grassland whereas in lower elevation the trail goes bit steepway.


• 50 Min flight from Kathmandu
• Scenic drive to Silgadi
• Khaptad National Park
• Explore far western Nepal
• Diversified flora & fauna
• Khaptad babas Ashram(temple)
• Tented camp for accommodation

Arrive Kathmandu and transfer to hotel. Representative from kpTreks & adventure will meet you there and short briefing about trekking.

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Khapad trek


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