Kathmandu Chitwan Pokhara Tour

8 Days

“Three most beautiful cities of Nepal- time travels to the past at Kathmandu, Chitwan caters fascinating wildlife experience and Pokhara entices with its unparallel natural beauty.”

Kathmandu, Chitwan and Pokhara are the three leading cities of Nepal and attract volumes of tourist thanks to their own unique attractions. Kathmandu wows visitors with its exquisite temples and monasteries with mind-blowing art, craftsmanship and architecture, and colorfully rich celebrations of feast and festivals. Pokhara enchants visitors with her natural beauty decorated by the Himalayas and numerous lakes. Likewise, Chitwan with its dense forest and aboriginal Tharu community offers experience of Wildlife safari and cultural extravaganza. Kathmandu-Chitwan-Pokhara tour designed by Access Nepal offers you the window of opportunity to experience the best touristic cities of Nepal have to offer.

The tour starts form Kathmandu where you will visit numerous temples, monasteries and palaces, many of them are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will also experience some of the oldest cultural celebrations of the ancient valley provided that you have timed your tour to fall on celebration calendars. You will then head to Chitwan to experience the elephant safari inside the Chitwan National Park. You will also behold the cultural performances of the Tharu community in the evening. We will conclude our tour on the lap of beautiful Himalayan Mountains by the lakes of Pokhara. It is difficult not to be mesmerized by the beauty of this small town. To add to the excitement, Pokhara also offers unique opportunities for boating, paragliding, zip flying and cycling.

The Trip Cost Includes

  • 3 night Hotel in Kathmandu with B B plan, 2 night Pokhara with B B plan, 2 night in Chitwan full board, all sightseeing , guide salary , all transportation .

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Kathmandu Chitwan Pokhara Tour
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